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How about 11, 15, 39, and 44

11, 15 & 44 answered in previous posts…

39. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I rarely eat it but, chocolate peanut butter cup (preferably from Turkey Hill)

36:Where I would like to live, 37:One of my insecurities, 40:Who wish I could be, 41:Where I want to be right now, 43:Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately, 44:A random fact about anything

36: Anywhere I can continue to do the things I enjoy.
37. I honestly have no idea… I’ve argued myself out of them at this point in my life.
40: No on other than myself.
41: Answered via Anon, see previous post.
43: Aisha Tyler
44: I saw a spinal cord today.

Numbers with 1 in them. :)

01. Virgin? No.
10. Want any piercings? No.
11. Best Friend? I have a few. I’ll go with Jerry, who would have been my best man.
12. Relationship status? Single.
13. Biggest Turn Ons? Intelligence, confidence.
14. Biggest Turn Offs? Immaturity, lack of purpose.
15. Favorite Movie? Since it’s sitting right next to me… the Blues Brothers.
16. I’ll love you if: I’ve answered this before. I’ll love you if I love you. This doesn’t have an answer. If you can answer this… check your premise.
17. Someone you miss? Sophie.
18. Most traumatic experience? Losing a loved one to suicide.
19. Fact about your personality? I have one.
21. What I love most about myself? Everything. Good and bad. All of it.
31. What your last text message says? “Yup!!”
41. Where I want to be right now? On a beach and hearing only sounds nature intended.

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    Shoe size

  • 3:

    Do you smoke?

  • 4:

    Do you drink?

  • 5:

    Do you take drugs?

  • 6:

    Age you get mistaken for

  • 7:

    Have tattoos?

  • 8:

    Want any tattoos?

  • 9:

    Got any piercings?

  • 10:

    Want any piercings?

  • 11:

    Best friend?

  • 12:

    Relationship status

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    Biggest turn ons

  • 14:

    Biggest turn offs

  • 15:

    Favorite movie

  • 16:

    I’ll love you if

  • 17:

    Someone you miss

  • 18:

    Most traumatic experience

  • 19:

    A fact about your personality

  • 20:

    What I hate most about myself

  • 21:

    What I love most about myself

  • 22:

    What I want to be when I get older

  • 23:

    My relationship with my sibling(s)

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    My relationship with my parent(s)

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    My idea of a perfect date

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    My biggest pet peeves

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    A description of the girl/boy I like

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    A description of the person I dislike the most

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    A reason I’ve lied to a friend

  • 30:

    What I hate the most about work/school

  • 31:

    What your last text message says

  • 32:

    What words upset me the most

  • 33:

    What words make me feel the best about myself

  • 34:

    What I find attractive in women

  • 35:

    What I find attractive in men

  • 36:

    Where I would like to live

  • 37:

    One of my insecurities

  • 38:

    My childhood career choice

  • 39:

    My favorite ice cream flavor

  • 40:

    Who wish I could be

  • 41:

    Where I want to be right now

  • 42:

    The last thing I ate

  • 43:

    Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

  • 44:

    A random fact about anything