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Upside: My brother from another mother and his fiancee have the same idea of holiday fun as I do. Downside: I now have to clean one of my ARs and my AK.

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Kicking around the idea of doing a lil video on Sundays. Workout/fitness related. Nothing fancy as I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. Just sharing some things I like/incorporate and in turn, maybe it will benefit someone else. If you dig it, lemme know.

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This weeks Sunday video… another variation on the pushup.

Reblogging last week’s video… about to upload this week’s.

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Special Monday video… a number of y’all asked me about this so, instead of explaining a bunch of times I did this lol

Sunday video will resume next week. Spending time with family and friends today. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate and happy Sunday to those of you who don’t.

Ive tried someof them, but my chest and shoulders dont want me to. I could kill a man with my abs though. Im gonna start kickboxing again

How does one kill a man with abs? Bludgeon his head against em? Hmmm…